The NWS Memorial Scholarship was created in the spring of 2007 to honor past playing members.

Purpose of the Scholarship
To encourage continued performance in a college/university instrumental ensemble by providing financial assistance to college students who play wind or percussion instruments, have prior experience in a band program, and plan to continue their involvement in an instrumental ensemble during and after college.

Scholarship Details
ward Amount:  $1,000 
This scholarship award is for one academic year.  The scholarship award must be used to further the recipient’s post high-school education at a recognized Nebraska institution.
Award Date:  The official, public announcement of the scholarship award will be at the NWS Spring Concert in conjunction with the scholarship performance.
Award Payment: The scholarship award will be paid, on behalf of the recipient, directly to a 501(c)(3) institution/organization (college, university, etc). The recipient is responsible for notifying NWS of his/her school and student identifier. The payment will be made in August.

– Resident of Nebraska or Iowa
– College-bound high school student, college undergraduate, or graduate student
– Plays a wind or percussion instrument
– Enrolled as a full-time student in a Nebraska higher education institution for the upcoming academic year
– Must participate in a college instrumental music ensemble (concert, marching, or jazz).
– Any major/field of study is acceptable

Scholarship Application
Scholarship Application:  PDF – Word
Scholarship Application Submission Form – note, you must have a Google logon ID to submit the form, audition file and application form
Scholarship Information
Suggested Repertoire List

Electronically Submit completed application and recording of solo selection:
Post completed application and recording in a shareable location
(ex.  OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive)
Invite: to view the documents

Important Dates
Application received:  January thru second Friday of February
Selection Date:  First Monday of March
Rehearsals with NWS Concert Band:  To be scheduled, Monday nights, between 7:15PM and 9PM
Dress Rehearsal: Saturday morning, the day before the concert between 9:30AM and Noon
Concert Date:  Spring Concert, 3PM – generally a Sunday in April
(see concert season schedule for specific date)

Read about prior recipients of the NWS Memorial Scholarship.