Winter Concert – Sunday, February 20 – 7:30PM

This concert will feature our Middle School  All-Stars on oboe, bassoon, and bass clarinet.  We ask area band directors to nominate their students to perform with us at this concert.  This concert will take place at UNO’s Strauss Performing Arts Center on Sunday, February 20.
Check back for more details about this exciting event.

“Home for the Holidays!” – Sunday, December 12, 2021 – 3:00PM

The Nebraska Wind Symphony presents our holiday concert, “Home for the Holidays!”, to get you into the mood for the season on Sunday, December 12 at 3PM at the Strauss Performing Arts Center on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha. There’s a little something for everyone in this concert; from Leroy Anderson’s famous Sleigh Ride to audience participation through sing-a-longs. Hear a reimagining of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero creatively combined with the Little Drummer Boy as well as I’ll be Home for Christmas featuring Brian Lund, trombone section leader and Nebraska Wind Symphony Board President.
View the printed concert program.
Tickets are $10 for seniors, $15 for adults. Free for all students and children under 12.
The Box Office opens about 45 minutes before the concert.  
Per University of Nebraska at Omaha policy, masks and distancing between family/audience units are required. There will be sanitizers and masks available in the lobby prior to the performance.

NWS at NE Music Educators Assoc – Thurs, Nov 18 – 4PM

The Nebraska Wind Symphony has been chosen to play at the 2021 gathering of the NE Music Educators (NMEA) in Lincoln, NE.  This concert is on Thursday, November 18th at 4:00 PM at the Lied Center  on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. This concert will feature the Premiere of “Planet B”, a consortium piece which NWS participated in by Catherine Likhuta, and “Meridian” by Ola Gjelio, featuring guest artist Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor, Assistant Professor of Piano, University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Former NWS Music Director, Larry MacTaggart, will direct “The Red Covered Bridge” by Robert Sheldon. This concert is free and open to the public.

Giving Tuesday – November 30, 2021
Do Good Days – May 10-12,2022

Thanks to the 14 donors for their generous giving of nearly $2,000 on Giving Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021!
Many arts organizations like NWS have struggled financially during the pandemic.  NWS has  lost out on over $8,000 in concert revenues since March 2020.  Some grants have helped.  But, we need the financial support of our generous friends and the general public to help us keep presenting quality band music in the Omaha area.  
SHARE Omaha sponsors days dedicated to meeting the cash needs of nonprofits in our community.  The Do Good Days also help them focus on volunteer and item needs.  It’s all happening at SHAREomaha.org.  Check back here to find out more about how to help NWS during each of these events.
Check out NWS’s ShareOmaha Profile Page  for additional info about NWS.

Fall Concert – Sunday, October 24, 2021 – 7:30PM

The Nebraska Wind Symphony presents the first concert of our 45th season on Sunday, October 24th at 7:30 PM at the Strauss Performing Arts Center on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha. This is our first indoor performance of the full concert band since the start of the pandemic.
NWS performs under the direction of Music Director Dr. Joshua Kearney.
NWS will premiere “Hive”, composed by Keith Davis as a commission by the NWS. Additionally, the concert will feature a Pre-Premiere of “Planet B”, a consortium piece which NWS participated in by Catherine Likhuta, and “Meridian” by Ola Gjelio, featuring guest artist Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor, Assistant Professor of Piano, University of Nebraska at Omaha.
View the flyer for this concert.
Tickets are $10 for seniors, $15 for adults. Free for all students and children under 12.

45th Concert Season Schedule

The Nebraska Wind Symphony is embarking on its 45th concert season.  Because the covid situation remains a large concern, our concert schedule planning has been very difficult.  Band rehearsals begin September 20th to prepare for our Fall and Holiday Concerts.
Current schedule for formal concerts:
Fall concert – Sunday, October 24 – 7:30PM,  UNO Strauss Performing Arts Center
NMEA Concert – Thursday, November 18 – 4PM at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, Lincoln, NE
Holiday Concert – Sunday, December 12 – 3PM – UNO Strauss Performing Arts Center
Winter Concert – Sunday, February 20 – 7:30PM,  UNO Strauss Performing Arts Center
Spring Concert – Sunday, April 10 – 7:30PM,  UNO Strauss Performing Arts Center
Summer concert schedule:
Sunday, June 12
Sunday, July 3

We Couldn’t Do This Without Your Support!

NWS relies on financial support from its playing members, concert patrons, and businesses and individuals from around the Omaha metropolitan area.  These gifts help us to pay for rehearsal and concert space, music director and other staff salaries, new music purchase and rental, performance rights, insurance, replacement equipment, and so many other things.
Consider providing your financial support of NWS through one or more of these methods:
Direct Financial Donation
Concert Series Sponsorship
Program Advertisement Purchase
ShareOmaha’s Giving Tuesday
Donation Programs like  AmazonSmileGiving AssistantTAGG (Together a Greater Good)

Thank you for your past and future support!

How did NWS cope with Covid to begin 2021?

We started the year with a series of Monday night Zoom sessions for playing members featuring these  opportunities.
Zoom Music – We our commissioned Associate Director and Composer, Keith Davis, to write a piece that can be performed by our members over Zoom.  There is a lag in all of these interactive platforms that make group music performance a real challenge.  We’re giving this a shot and plan to record Keith’s piece to show others one way real-time music can be accomplished.
Happy Hour – We did a bit of socializing.  Took time to talk about things we all were doing and shared in a few online games.
NWS Seminars – Josh Kearney and Alex Wewel arranged for guest speakers to talk about music making in this time of covid.  We explored how science is being leveraged to help us play together safely and other things that are happening around the US and elsewhere.  We also watched a movie with a studio musician who commented about how the music was incorporated and help emphasize the story.

NWS Holiday Artwork by Jeff Koterba

The Nebraska Wind Symphony  commissioned national award winning and Omaha cartoonist Jeff Koterba to create an original 11” x 17” work of art to reflect the themes of “2020”, “winter holiday”, and “Nebraska Wind Symphony”.
Thanks to our fans and playing members for supporting us through your donations towards chances for this artwork.  NWS received over $900 in donations!
Music Director, Josh Kearney, completed the  live raffle drawing on January 2, 2021.  The winner of the artwork was Jenny Holtz, a former NWS flutist. Congratulations Jenny!
Thank you all for your continued support of the Nebraska Wind Symphony and we wish everyone a happy and much improved 2021!

Here is a cool time-lapse video showing Jeff create this holiday-themed artwork. Watch the master at work and get a look at the final product at the end.
Do you enjoy Mr. Koterba’s work as much as we do? If so, consider supporting Jeff on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/jeffreykoterba.

NWS Virtual Performance – Earth Song by Frank Ticheli
Earth Song was chosen for its deeply meaningful words and sentiment during this difficult time. Ticheli wrote the poem and then set it to music.  He adapted the wind ensemble edition of Earth Song from his own original choral setting.
Regarding this work, Ticheli writes:
“Earth Song is one of only a few works that I have composed without a commission. Instead, it sprung out of a personal need during a time when so many in this country, including myself, were growing disillusioned with the war in Iraq. I felt a strong impulse to create something that would express my own personal longing for peace. It was this longing which engendered the poem’s creation. I knew I had to write the poem myself, partly because it is not just a poem, but a prayer, a plea, a wish – a bid to find inner peace in a world that seems eternally bent on war and hatred. But also, the poem is a steadfast declaration of the power of music to heal. In the end, the speaker in the poem discovers that, through music, he is the embodiment of hope, peace, the song within the Song.”
This is the poem:
Sing, Be, Live, See…
This dark stormy hour, The wind, it stirs. The scorched earth cries out in vain:
O war and power, You blind and blur. The torn heart cries out in pain.
But music and singing Have been my refuge, And music and singing Shall be my light.
A light of song Shining strong: Alleluia!
Through darkness, pain and strife, I’ll Sing, Be, Live, See…

Listen and enjoy: https://youtu.be/N0NJOqBvrLI.

Stay up to date with the Nebraska Wind Symphony by visiting us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the pages below.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NebraskaWinds/
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A Different Kind of Music by NWS Playing Members

In 1952, noteworthy American composer John Cage conceptualized a work that changed the landscape of music composition: 4’33” (read four minutes and thirty-three seconds or simply four thirty-three). In 4’33”, audience members and performers sit in a performance space and make no sound – there is only silence. The piece was premiered in the Maverick Concert Hall in the middle of a forest near Woodstock, New York.

The soundtrack was provided by participating playing members of the Nebraska Wind Symphony. They recorded their surroundings during the time of COVID-19. These recordings have been layered to create a soundscape and paired alongside still photos of our home – Nebraska. Though the video is four minutes and forty-two seconds in length, the audio track supplied is exactly 4’33”.
Check back as additional tracks will be layered for future iterations of this project along with updated photographs.

May 15, 2020 video

May 1, 2020 video – https://youtu.be/PgUQ-FujorA   
April 13, 2020 video – https://youtu.be/VfDAMCzxFZM


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NWS Memorial Scholarship News

2022 NWS Concerto/Scholarship Competition  amounts of $1,000 and $500 will be awarded. See the scholarship page for additional details about the NWS Scholarship and how to apply.
2022 application period will run from January 2, 2022 thru the third Monday in February.
Congratulations to our 2021 scholarship winners;  Erica Wilkins and Gwen Leuschen!  Read more about our scholarship winners  by visiting our scholarship recipients page.


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