NWS relies on its concert patrons, area businesses, foundations, and our playing members for additional financial support for its ongoing programming.

We utilize PayPal as our credit card processor for donations and other payments. If you would prefer to send a check, please make it out to Nebraska Wind Symphony and send it to PO Box 24114, Omaha, NE 68124.

COVID-19 Playing Member Hardship Fund

We recognize that some of our playing members may be severely impacted during this turbulent and stressful time.  This fund is established to help NWS playing members who may be struggling and have financial or food security issues.  All funds received will either go to NWS Playing Members or to the Food Bank for the Heartland.
Just click on our Donate link and select the COVID-19 Fund when making your donation.

Thanks for providing your generous support of  NWS in one of these ways:

  • Purchase Advertisements in our Printed Programs
  • Provide a direct donation, either individual or corporate
  • Sponsor/Underwrite a concert or our concert season
    – typical concert costs run from $4,000 to over $7,000 depending on location, guest artists, etc.

Individual Donor Levels:
Friend – $20-$99
Patron – $100-$249
Benefactor – $250-$499
Director – $500+

Corporate and Foundation Donor Levels:
Bronze – $250-$499
Silver – $500-$999
Gold – $1000-$1999
Platinum – $2000+

Donations of any amount are appreciated.  We proudly recognize our donors in each of our printed programs. Thank you for considering making a donation to the Nebraska Wind Symphony.

The Value of Your Donation

The Nebraska Wind Symphony appreciates donations of any value.
The examples presented here show how donations of various sizes help us continue to bring quality band music to the greater Omaha area.

Operational Costs
$50 to $200 – purchase price range for one piece of music for our music library
$95 – liability, equipment, and music library insurance for one month
$100 – truck rental for one off-site concert
$115 – facility rental for one rehearsal
$250 – performance rights license fee for one concert season
$466 – one month of facility rental
$1,000 to $1,500 – typical facility rental cost for one performance
$6,000 – one year of rehearsal facility rental

Typical Concert Costs
$150 – Promotional flyer printing for one concert
$400 to $600 – guest artists for one concert
$400 – Program printing for one concert
$1,000 – one-half of the cost of a free summer concert
$2,000 – full cost of a free summer concert
$2,500 – one-half of the average cost of one formal concert
$5,000 – average full cost of one formal concert

The Nebraska Wind Symphony is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Contributions may be tax deductible.
Consult IRS guidelines and/or your tax preparation professional for specifics  regarding tax-deductible donations.