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NWS attempts to provide an opportunity for all interested instrumentalists to join us in the performance of fine concert band literature.  New playing members are welcomed into the concert band throughout the year.  Most new players begin in the fall, but players may join within the first few rehearsals of preparation for any concert.

Current Openings
Membership is subject to openings to ensure balanced instrumentation.
We currently have openings for Oboe and Percussion.

We can make no guarantees, but if you let us know of your interest in NWS, we will put your contact information on our substitution list.  Periodically there may be openings in sections based on selected music, personnel scheduling conflicts and life changes.

If you are interested in performing with the Wind Symphony in the future, please review the Playing Member Responsibilities and Benefit sections below.  If you agree, then complete the Player Interest form.  Be sure to read more about the responsibilities and benefits of being a playing member of the Nebraska Wind Symphony below.

Other instrumental performing ensembles exist within the greater Omaha area.  See our Links page to find out about some of these groups.  NOTE: we don’t receive notifications about any changes to these groups.  We only include information that we have found in our own internet searches.

Playing Member Responsibilities
Each NWS playing member agrees to:

  • Perform an audition to assess playing ability and assist in part assignment and chair placement
  • Pay an annual playing member dues of $100
  • Attend as many rehearsals (Monday evenings) as possible for each scheduled concert
  • Miss no more than 2 rehearsals every concert cycle
  • Attend the concert dress rehearsal, generally held the Saturday prior to the concert
  • Assist with band set-up/tear-down as physically able
  • Wear appropriate attire for each concert.
    For indoor formal concerts:
    Option 1: Black suit or tuxedo (no tails), white shirt, black bowtie/necktie, black shoes and socks.
    Option 2: Professional black dress or suit, black long-sleeved shirt with slacks, black shoes and black socks (if needed). Note that a jacket is not required.
    Outdoor concert attire is informal.
    The current NWS shirt (or a similar colored and style shirt) and khaki pants, capris, shorts or skirts and appropriate coordinating footwear.

Playing Member Benefits
The benefits of being an NWS playing member include:

  • Enjoy sharing musical talents with over 70 other talented instrumentalists
  • Receive the player member newsletter throughout the year that highlights upcoming activities and other band news
  • Opportunities to play music in a variety of styles and grade levels
  • Potential opportunities to play in other music groups; Blackwoods Clarinet ensemble, NWS Swingtones big band, NWS Saxophone quartet, other chamber groups
  • Over 35 rehearsals over the full concert season (that’s only about $2.80 per rehearsal)
  • Opportunity to purchase any number of concert tickets for the senior rate for each formal concert
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