Hall of Fame

The NWS Hall of Fame recognizes individuals that have performed significant and outstanding service in the promotion, improvement or operations of the Nebraska Wind Symphony.

Periodically NWS presents the Hall of Fame award to a select number of distinguished members.  Candidates for the award exemplify the qualities and  accomplishments as stated worthy for Hall of Fame recognition.

Nominations are received from current and former playing members via the nomination form.   Nominations are due by January 15, 2018.

All nominations are referred to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. The committee meets to review nominations, discuss and recommend individuals for recognition.  The NWS Board of Directors has final review and approval rights on the recommendations received from the committee.

Hall of Fame recipients are inducted through ceremonial announcement at one of our regular season concerts.  Each recipient shall be recognized thereafter in the printed programs of regular season concerts.

The following are NWS Hall of Fame Inductees:
2013 Honorees
Ann Jacobson – Playing Member, Charter Member
Gene Hazen – Playing Member, Board Member, Charter Member

2012 Honorees
Larry MacTaggart – Music Director, composer
Genevieve (Jenny) Holtz – Playing Member, Board Member, NWS Administrative Assistant

2011 Honorees
Darwyn (Tony) Snyder – Founding Music Director
Lowell Turner – Playing Member, Board Member, 1992 ACB Convention Chairperson
Mark Foster – Playing Member, Board President, Founding Director of NWS Swingtones