Board of Directors

The Nebraska Wind Symphony is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the playing membership. Board members serve 2 year terms which can be renewed for a maximum term of 6 years.

NWS Board
Brian Lund, President
Stephen Mattos, Vice President
Betsy Kallstrom, Secretary
Kat Wendt, Treasurer
Lisa Erickson
Analynn Fassler
Dan Kingkade
Mary Sanderson
Caitlin Seguin
Robert Wege

Standing Committees
Organization planning and operational activities are performed through various standing committees.  These committees are staffed by board members, our directors, and playing member volunteers.

Development, Finance, and Membership Committee
Brian Lund, Larry MacTaggart, Annalyn Fassler, Kat Wendt, Rebecca Shively, Carol Curry

Communications and Promotion Committee
Lisa Erickson, Betsy Kallstrom, Caitlin Seguin, Dale Irvin, Helen Jordon, Roger Kruger

Operations and Logistics Committee
Stephen Mattos, Larry MacTaggart, Dan Kingkade, Robert Wege, Kat Wendt

Special Projects
Keith Davis, Mary Sanderson, Deb Lund, Barb Teter