NWS playing members have formed a number of smaller ensembles that feature different instrument families and perform in a variety of public settings.

NWS Swingtones – The NWS Swingtones is an 18-piece big band formed in 1983 by trumpeter, Mark Foster. The NWS Swingtones perform music made popular by the bands of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Stan Kenton, Les Brown, Woody Herman and many others.  more

Adam Erb – baritone sax
Deb Lund – tenor sax
Randy Mimick – alto sax
Don Jacobson – soprano, alto sax

NWS Saxophone Quartet – The saxophone quartet features traditional SATB instrumentation: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone saxophones.

Many types of musical styles are available for your listening pleasure (e.g. classical, jazz, pop, polka, spiritual) to name a few.  The quartet is a popular favorite for small venues. Contact Info

NWS Blackwoods Clarinet Ensemble

NWS Flute Choir