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NWS has registered with TAGG (TAGG – Together a Greater Good) as a way to provide additional funding for ongoing operations.  TAGG allows restaurants and service businesses to donate 5% of the purchase amount to the customer’s organization of choice thru the use of a simple app!
There is no cost to NWS or to TAGG users.

Need more information?
Find out about participating businesses.  Over 175 restaurants and other services are signed up and new businesses are added all the time.
Watch the YouTube video  about TAGG.
Watch the YouTube video on how to TAGG your purchase.
Get the TAGG App for your mobile device.
Visit the TAGG website.

How TAGG Works:
1. Supporters download the free TAGG mobile app.
2. Visit participating businesses and ask to TAGG your purchase.
3. Use the TAGG mobile app and choose the organization to receive the donation (NWS, of course).

To TAGG a purchase:
Open the TAGG mobile app and tap to TAGG the purchase
2. Enter total pre-tax amount of the purchase
3. Your phone’s camera should open, take a picture of the receipt
4. Choose the Nebraska Wind Symphony to receive the 5% donation
Your purchase has now been TAGGed.  Thank You!