We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of our fans, playing members, and community businesses. Donations enable the NWS to defray the costs related to the NWS music director staff, guest artists, music purchase and rental, rehearsal and performance facility rental, advertising, printed programs, and many other needs. Ultimately, this support enables the NWS to continue providing quality concert band performances for the greater Omaha area.

Individual Donor Levels:
Friend – $20-$99
Patron – $100-$249
Benefactor – $250-$499
Director – $500+

Corporate and Foundation Donor Levels:
Bronze – $250-$499
Silver – $500-$999
Gold – $1000-$1999
Platinum – $2000+

Donations of any amount are appreciated.

NWS Donation Letter

The Nebraska Wind Symphony is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Contributions may be tax deductible. Consult IRS guidelines for additional information about tax-deductible donations.

Value of Your Donation
The Nebraska Wind Symphony appreciates donations of any value.
The examples presented here show how donations of various sizes help us continue to bring quality band music to the greater Omaha area.

Operational Costs
$65 to $150 – purchase price for a typical piece of music for our library
$85 – liability and instrument insurance for one month
$100 – truck rental for one summer concert
$115 – facility rental for one rehearsal
$250 – performance rights license fee for one concert season
$460 – one month of facility rental
$5500 – one year of rehearsal/performance facility rental

Concert Costs
$100 – Promotional flyer printing for one concert
$250 to $400 – guest artist for one concert
$300 – Program printing for one concert
$1,000 – one-half of the cost of one summer concert
$2,000 – full cost of one summer concert
$2,000 – one-half of the cost of one formal concert
$4,000 – full cost of one formal concert

Percussion Instrument Costs
$400 to $1200 – concert gong
$500 to $1100 – concert snare drum
$700 to $1300 – concert bass drum
$2000 to $3000 – one concert timpani
$4500 to $6000 – set of two concert timpani
$2700 to $5000 – vibraphone
$3500 to $5000 – set of concert chimes